FronTools will return soon

FronTools will be back!

with a new domain in a new design we will soon return to share some cool free tools.

Thanks for all your support and comments.

TinyChat – a free online simple chat

TinyChat is a free online simple chat. To use it you only need to go to TinyChat and create your chatroom.

Tinychat will give you a link you can use with your chat; you anly need a browser. After this you will need to promote it and invite your friends. There is something cool: when you leave the chat room, all the chat data will be gone. You can also get the html to put a buttom in you site or blog. I have done it for Frontools. Try it here:

Edited in 03/01/2009: It looks that now you have to make a registration to use this service,…

Broadband Internet Options

Choices, choices, choices! The providers, options and packages available for broadband Internet services are endless making it hard to even make a choice. So how can you make this decision easier on yourself?

There are lots and lots of service providers out there. If you already own a mobile account with a company that offers broadband, it’s worth seeing what they offer. Many companies offer broadband packages that bundle together other services you already own with that provider such as a mobile account, TV or telephone accounts.

Price and speed are also things to consider. If you need fast service that allows for a large or unlimited download limit then expect to pay more for your services. However if you’re a rare Internet user and you just check your email and the occasional weather forecast than you can feel safe going with a cheaper plan.

Broadband service providers in the UK charge anywhere from around £5 a month to £10 or more and the speed can range from anywhere around 8MB to 20MB. Most broadband providers will also require signing a contract and sometimes a connection fee. And there are lots to choose from including O2, TalkTalk, Virgin, Vodafone and AOL.

Check out what’s available and compare plans and packages. Don’t forget to check out if the broadband modems are compatible with your home entertainment such as Playstations, Xbox’s, Wii’s and Apple computers!

Broadband speed test

Some time ago i posted about a free online tool that to test your internet speed in a few clicks. A good broadband speed tester will help you to choose the best internet options in the market, take the best decision and sometimes this will make you save some good money.

 I have found another free tool to test your broadband speed test. Nowadays broadband users are increasing taking advantage of convenience and portability, with no need of a land line and more flexibility. However sometimes broadband may have lack of reception, compared to a line access. This tool I’m posting about is specially designed for UK users, but it will work wherever you are in the world.

It will work with the most accurate results available for any type of connection including ADSL, cable and mobile broadband. It easy to use, just choose the details of your internet connection (provider, supposed speed, monthly internet and phone line cost, your postcode and a rate of your provider) then run the speed test and see the results with information on Broadband download speed and Broadband upload speed test.

You can see my test results in the following image:



Try it and let me know how it worked for you 🙂 – a free online blog community is a complete free online blog community. With you can have unlimited bandwidth and free space to place your photos, videos and podcasts. You can also have your own surveys and polls. A growing community, with all this tools in one place, where you will certainly find friends to share and discuss your thoughts. Members can rate each other blog posts, photos, videos and podcasts. is also a social community where you can meet friends, post in the forums, discuss current news and bookmark the latest news. The forums have a wide diversity of topics to discuss: news, books, games, movies, music, photos, sports, tv, videos, beauty and fashion, health and nutrition, hobbies, travel, work, math and science, politics, relationships, religion and beliefs,…

Remember is a free personal blog community, so using their services to promote blog sites, affiliate links or money making scheme is not allowed.

You can decide if your blog post will be public, private, or only viewable by your friends and family. All this for free and with no ads as far as i can see. Again simple, free and useful as we like. My name at is joliveira; add me as friend when you join 😉

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Regular payments for your site

Earn Credit for your Website!

A simple way to earn some money with ads on your site or blog. Your site can be or any size, with any amount of traffic.

Just enter your site and contacts with three pages on your site where you will place the ads. You will be paid 10£ for the signup and 5£ for every month you still have the banners on your site. Simple, why don’t you try it?

Edited 9, December, 2008

I guess they are not working any more… 🙁

Promote your blog in The TOP Blog List

The TOP Blog List is a blog directory you can use for free and prmote your blog. This list ranks a group of blog sites by popularity. When you join the The TOP Blog List you are given a button to put on your site and link back to the The TOP Blog List.

To join The TOP Blog List just use this form: 

You can add your blog, the description and if you have your own banner you can add it too. You will then have a free link in the directory. You can find  pageviews counts, hits in, and hits and also stats for individual members and overall stats for the entire list.

At this moment 290 members have joined The TOP Blog List.

Edit (28/02/2009):

This site is now closed.

Do you want a free domain?

 CO.CC:Free Domain

Another free online tool. Domains can have annual fees to be paid. But now you can have a free domain. If you are an experimented user you know domains can be a great tool for marketing and online bussines. However if you are starting now, this is a cool opportunity to be a domain owner and learn.

With the free domains you can use your own customized email accounts, such as,

You can also have total control over the DNS records that describe your domain. supports for CNAME, A, MX, NS records.

Just search for available domain names and find your domain. This may take a while because most used domains are chosen, but im sure you can still find your own. Tell me when you do it 🙂

I have just registered and I have made a redirection to for the moment…
CO.CC:Free Domain

TinyPaste – Your Internet Clipboard

If you use different computers an internet clipboard will help 🙂

TinyPaste is another free tool, where you don’t have to install or register. And it’s simple to use too:
– go to
– paste your text in the form
– click Submit
– the data will be added to a link like this (try it!)

When you use the link you can copy the content to your computers clipboard, read it in full screen mode and save the text to txt file.

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Cubestat – a free website value calculator

Frontools has returned again with more free tools to share. The concept is the same: a compilation of cool and quick access tools, some without any kind of registration and also without any kind of installation.

This time we introduce Cubestat, a free website value calculator. Here’s an image of the cubestat analysis of Frontools:

The usage is simple: enter the domain url and Cubestat will calculate and estimate the net worth, daily pageviews and daily ads revenue of your domain.

But cubestat will also let you know some more information available for your domain: Alexa Rank, Quantcast Rank, Compete Rank, PageRank, Backlinks, Google Indexed Pages, Google Indexed Images, Yahoo Indexed Pages, Meta Info, Dmoz Listing, site Age, rank grahs, IP, Host & Whois.

This is a free tool you can use to improve your site.

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