Browsershots – a screenshot generator of your site


This is a good and free webmasters tool, available since 2005. With Browsershots, you can see what visitors with different browsers view when they open your site. This will allow you to improve your site and have more visits.

Browsershots let you preview screenshots in several Linux, Windows and Mac OS browsers. There is a lot of browsers in different versions you can select: BonEcho, Dillo, Epiphany, Firebird, Firefox, Flock, Galeon, GranParadiso, Kazehakase, Konqueror, Minefield, Mozilla, MSIE, Navigator, Opera, Phoenix, Safari, SeaMonkey.

To use Browsershots enter your web address, select the browsers, the screen size, color depth and if you want javascript, java or flash enabled.

When you submit you will be redirected to a page where your site images will be uploaded. Just reload the page or bookmark it to go there later. In the end you can also download a zip file of your browsershots. This operation has a time limit that you can extend if you wish.

This is all free and the screenshots are made on distributed computers around the web that are run by volunteers. Screenshots that haven’t been accessed in ten days are deleted.

To use Browsershots there is no need to register or install 🙂

10 Responses to “Browsershots – a screenshot generator of your site”

  1. This is a great tool!
    I’ve been told by a few friends that they see things different through their browsers. Much better than getting them to send me screen shots!
    Thanks for another great free tool, S.

  2. This is a great info. I wish I had found it before

  3. Hello, I come here through BlogCategory widget in my blog.
    Recently, I also wrote a post about Browsershots. 🙂

    Though it takes about 30 minutes, as you said it is very useful tool.

    And, I subscribed your RSS Feed. by 4 now.

  4. I came across your site via BlogDune – where just this sort of utility would’ve been on-so-handy for grabbing a shot of my website.

    Keep up the great posts!

  5. This is a great site! Thanks for the screenshot link.

  6. I found the article through the community at MyWeblog, unfortunatley I found it too late. the Browsershots site seems to have disappeared.

    Which is a shame as I was inspired by your article to check it out.

  7. Hi deep.thought, thanks for your comment, maybe their server is having some problems, try the older versions of browsershots:

  8. The site is up again 🙂

  9. Thanks, this should be a big help in the future.

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