Online Drawing with Queeky


Now you can draw online and share your pictures with Queeky, a web2.0 application. But there is something more, you can also see how a picture is made, using replaying function.
To save your drawings in Queeky gallery you must be registered, but you can test the drawing application without any  registration. There is also another cool feature: the possibility of several users creating the same drawing in a multi-draw style, you can even send some short messages. A chat to share some opinions between the users and a contest add some more cool features to this site.

You can also use a gadget to put a drawing tool in your site. This gadget let you draw and save your work in the svg, png, jpg and gif formats. Try it:

8 Responses to “Online Drawing with Queeky”

  1. hi… nice info.. 🙂

  2. LOL, I could waste way too much time playing with that. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Cool.

    Nice widget to put on a blog. Well depending on your theme :).

  4. cool, very cool.
    greetings from italy

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  6. Pencil, paper? Very cool though…

    One thing that I don’t like about Flash is that frequently, there is no “alt” or “title” information (the tabs do). Also, for this little widget only 3 of the 8 icons on the bottom conform to typical icon. For example, the color-picker could be divided to indicate color selection in one section and the current color in the other.

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